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The First Team Building Activity Using Virtual Reality Technology
The infinite loop VR is one of the best ways to bring your team closer together. Not only does it offer a unique and unforgettable experience, the exercise also enhances communication skills, improves teamwork, and fosters friendly competition.
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Team building outcomes

Power skills

The infinite loop business outcomes : time and stress management , knowledge sharing , effectvie communication , leadership and empathy , collaborative problem solving
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Employees are usually stimulated by regular social connections. Therefore, maintaining their energy requires conscious effort remotely. Now, with the majority of teams working from home, Businesses need an effective solution to keep talents committed, positive, and efficient. 

Keep your work social! Bring your Teams together and help them feel less isolated, more positive, and more resilient! 

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Wearing virtual reality headsets, employees spend a funny and challenging time together. They learn how to improve their soft skills and understand business challenges. 


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Groupe aesio testimonials about the infinite loop team building activities

The Infinite Loop offered us an innovative experience and allowed us to welcome the two new collaborators of our team in an original way, despite the distance imposed by the confinement! 

Monpeyssen Cédric

Project manager
Schlumberger testimonials about the infinite loop team building activities

The experience was great and the staff very helpful. The concept is also very well conceived. Due to the timers and the insight on the other teams' position the competition was real !

Colleen Marie Joseph

wimbee testimonials about the infinite loop team building activities

The Infinite Loop is a virtual reality game that stimulates team performance, stress management, empathy and emphasizes the power of communication. 



voltalia testimonials about the infinite loop team building activities

In this pandemic period, we innovated thanks to The Infinite Loop and this fantastic project!

The colleagues joined and loved it! very dynamic, interactive and getting the teamwork among everyone.

I definitely recommend it! Thank you for your commitment and dedication!

Liliana santos


HR business partner

ceed testimonials about the infinite loop team building activities

We tried The Infinite Loop as part of a team building. It was an extremely enriching experience for the whole team. The game has shown us that it is not enough to be the smartest or the fastest, but that to win you have to communicate and be a close team. This experience allowed us to strengthen our bonds as a team while having a good time. We highly recommend this game. "




The infinite loop award for the best teambuilding product during MP awards
The infinite loop award for new product developement for team building

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